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Table 3 Multivariate analysis for risk of non-recovery after acute kidney injury

From: Cumulative fluid accumulation is associated with the development of acute kidney injury and non-recovery of renal function: a retrospective analysis

VariablesMVR (variables pre-AKI)1MVR (variables post-onset of AKI)2
OR95% CI for ORp valueOR95% CI for ORp value
AKI stage    1  < 0.001
AKI stage 2    0.630.311.280.21
AKI stage 3
SOFA score on admission to the ICU1.050.961.150.26    
SOFA score on the day of AKI/day 31.100.991.220.09
Lowest MAP on the day of AKI0.990.961.020.36
Chronic kidney disease2.011.123.580.022.821.375.780.01
Reason for admission: respiratory1.520.942.450.09    
Mechanical ventilation2.< 0.001
Norepinephrine use1.210.642.300.560.560.251.260.16
Vancomycin use1.100.482.480.831.400.653.010.39
Diuretic use1.891.202.970.01    
Aminoglycoside use1.130.691.830.63    
  1. Model diagnostics:
  2. There was no evidence of lack of fit (Hosmer Lemeshow p = 0.217 and 0.248) that the model was incorrectly specified (link test p = 0.082 and 0.345) or of multicollinearity among the included covariates (all variance inflation factors < 3) for model MVR 1 or MVR 2
  3. AKI acute kidney injury, CI confidence interval, MAP mean arterial pressure, ICU intensive care unit, MVR multivariate analysis, NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, OR odd ratio
  4. 1Also adjusted for the non-linear association between fluid balance and non-recovery (p < 0.001)
  5. 2Also adjusted for the non-linear association between net fluid balance and non-recovery (p = 0.016)