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Table 1 Details of study characteristics of included studies

From: The prognostic value of serum procalcitonin measurements in critically injured patients: a systematic review

StudyStudy designStudy settingNo. of patientsMortality %Peak PCT levelPCT level predicting outcomes
Ren et al. [33] (China, 2016)Prospective case-controlTrauma surgical department56Days 1 and 2Yes
Wojtaszek et al. [34] (Poland, 2014)Prospective cohort45Data not shownDay 1NoYes
Rajkumari et al. [35] (India, 2013)Prospective case-controlSICU27510YesNo
Sakran et al. [36] (USA, 2012)Prospective cohortTrauma ICU10213Days 1 and 2YesYes
Haasper et al. [37] (Germany, 2010)Prospective cohortICU9412Days 2 and 3NoYes
Keel et al. [38] (Switzerland, 2009)Prospective cohortTrauma center8312Day 1Yes
Castelli et al. [39] (Italy, 2009)Prospective cohortICU945Day 1YesYes
Billeter et al. [40] (Switzerland, 2009)Retrospective cohortSICU103210Day 1Yes
Maier et al. [41] (Germany, 2009)Prospective cohort74Day 1
Balci et al. [42] (Turkey, 2009)Prospective cohortSICU11344Days 1 and 7YesYes
Castelli et al. [43] (Italy, 2006)Prospective cohortICU49Day 1YesYes
Ertugrul et al. [44] (Turkey, 2006)Prospective case-controlSICU41No
Meisner et al. [45] (Germany, 2006)Prospective cohortICU9017Day 1YesNoYes
Egger et al. [46] (Austria, 2004)Prospective cohortICU26Yes
Hensler et al. [47] (Germany, 2003)Prospective case-controlTrauma center13711Days 1 + 2 combinedNoYesNo
Andermahr et al. [48] (Germany, 2002)Prospective case-controlICU13321Day 1No
Oberholzer et al. [49] (Switzerland, 2000)Prospective case-controlTrauma center12767Day 1YesYes
Wanner et al. [50] (Germany, 2000)Retrospective case-controlICU40523Days 1 and 3YesYesNo
Mimoz et al. [51] (France, 1998)Prospective cohortSICU2114Day 1NoYes
  1. Abbreviations: ICU intensive care unit, SICU surgical intensive care unit, PCT procalcitonin, MODS multiple organ dysfunction syndrome