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Table 2 Comparative prognostic performance for 28-day mortality of the less than 25% SOFA decrease cutoff on day 7 ΔSOFA between the derivation and the validation cohorts

From: The early change of SOFA score as a prognostic marker of 28-day sepsis mortality: analysis through a derivation and a validation cohort

 Derivation cohort (95% CI)Validation cohort (95% CI)p value
Sensitivity78.4% (69.0–85.7)93.2% (84.7–98.7)0.06
Specificity80.3% (75.7–84.3)37.9% (20.1–35.4)2.87 × 10−28
PPV54.1% (45.7–62.2)38.7% (27.7–43.1)0.01
NPV92.7% (89.0–95.2)93.0% (79.0–98.1)1.00
  1. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval, NPV negative predictive value, PPV positive predictive value