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Fig. 2

From: The early change of SOFA score as a prognostic marker of 28-day sepsis mortality: analysis through a derivation and a validation cohort

Fig. 2

ΔSOFA on follow-up days as predictor of 28-day mortality in the derivation cohort. a Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves for the association of change from initial SOFA (ΔSOFA) with 28-day mortality. b Comparisons of AUROCs of ΔSOFA of follow-up days to ΔSOFA of day 2. p values of the indicated comparisons are provided. c Median ΔSOFA scores on follow-up days in survivors and non-survivors. Statistically significant differences at the level of p < 0.0001 were found between survivors and non-survivors at all studied time points. AUROC, area under the ROC; CI, confidence interval

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