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Table 3 Outcomes of hematologic oncology and HCT patients requiring rapid response system activation

From: Outcomes of hospitalized hematologic oncology patients receiving rapid response system activation for acute deterioration

OutcomesAll hematologic oncology patients (n = 401)HCT patients (n = 145)
Mortality, n (%)168 (41.9)53 (36.6)
Admit to ICU, n (%)a145 (45.0)55 (41.7)
ICU length of stay, days, median (IQR)5 (1–9)6 (2–9)
Hospital length of stay, days, median (IQR)19 (8.5–37)26.5 (16–47)
Survivors discharged home, n (%)b154 (76.2)61 (77.2)
  1. aAnalysis only includes patients with goals of care allowing for ICU admission (hematology oncology: n = 322; HCT: n = 13))
  2. bAnalysis only includes survivors initially from home (hematology oncology: n = 202; HCT: n = 79)
  3. Abbreviations: RRS rapid response system, ICU intensive care unit, IQR interquartile range, CI confidence interval