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Fig. 2

From: Differential contractile response of critically ill patients to neuromuscular electrical stimulation

Fig. 2

Relative contractile response, electrical current and muscle strength in comparison between responders and non-responders. Relative contractile response is significantly higher in responders as opposed to non-responders during the first 7 days after ICU admission a for both extremities, b for upper extremities, c for lower extremities and d for all muscle groups separately. Electrical current required to elicit a contractile response is significantly higher in non-responders as opposed to responders during the first 7 days after ICU admission e for both extremities and f for upper extremities, while no difference can be observed for g lower extremities. Muscle strength measured via MRC scored at ICU discharge shows significantly higher values in responders as opposed non-responders for i upper extremities, while not reaching statistical difference for h both extremities as well as j lower extremities at first adequate awakening as well as ICU discharge and h upper extremities at first adequate awakening. All values are shown as median and interquartile range. Statistical significance was calculated via Mann-Whitney U test or Wilcoxon signed-rank test as appropriate. MRC = Medical research council

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