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Table 2 Factors associated with mortality at day 14 (multivariate analysis)

From: Mottling score is a strong predictor of 14-day mortality in septic patients whatever vasopressor doses and other tissue perfusion parameters

  Model 1
Variables OR [95% CI] P value
Mottling score at H6, by point 2.26 [1.72–2.97] < 0.001
Arterial lactate at H6, by 1 mmol/l 1.29 [1.11–1.50] < 0.001
Urine output at H6 < 0.5 ml/kg/h 3.03 [1.37–6.69] 0.01
  Model 2
Variables OR [95% CI]* P value
Mottling score at H6, by point 2.1 [1.60–2.75] < 0.001
Arterial lactate at H6, by 1 mmol/l 1.26 [1.09–1.47] 0.002
Urine output at H6 (ml/kg/h) 0.005
  1. *Odds ratio were not calculated for variables modeled using restricted cubic splines
  2. Non-collinear variables included in the logistical regression model were mottling score at H6, arterial lactate at H6, urine output at H6, mean arterial pressure at H6, heart rate at H6, vasopressor dose at H6, and cirrhosis. In models 1 and 2, all variables were introduced continuously but urine output due to violation of the log-linearity assumption which was coded either as dichotomized according to some threshold in model 1, while as a spline function in model 2