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Table 3 Cox regression analysis of risk factors associated with 180-day mortality in neurocritically ill patients (n = 50)

From: Dysbiosis of the intestinal microbiota in neurocritically ill patients and the risk for death

HR (95%CI)p valueaHR (95%CI)p value
Candidate variables
 APACHE-II1.299 (1.008–1.674)0.044  
 Respiratory failure3.853 (1.033–14.366)0.045  
 Intracranial hypertension4.472 (1.115–17.938)0.035  
 Serum lactate1.367 (1.042–1.793)0.024  
The changes of the specific taxon abundance during first week after admission (z-score)
 ΔFusobacteria0.262 (0.097–0.708)0.008NS
 ΔFusobacteriales0.262 (0.097–0.708)0.008NS
 ΔEnterobacteriales1.756 (1.010–3.056)0.0461.920 (1.016–3.628)0.044
 ΔVeillonellaceae1.475 (1.005–2.165)0.047NS
 ΔFusobacteriaceae0.262 (0.097–0.706)0.008NS
 ΔEnterobacteriaceae1.756 (1.010–3.056)0.0461.920 (1.016–3.628)0.044
  1. Adjusted for APACHE-II, respiratory failure, intracranial hypertension and serum lactate
  2. HR Hazard ratio, aHR adjusted hazard ratio, 95%CI 95% confidence interval, SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, APACHE-II Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation-II, WBC white blood cell, Cr creatinine, NS not significant