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Table 2 Cox regression analysis of risk factors associated with 180-day mortality in neurocritically ill patients (n = 98)

From: Dysbiosis of the intestinal microbiota in neurocritically ill patients and the risk for death

HR (95%CI)p valueaHR (95%CI)p value
Candidate variables
 Age1.027 (1.004–1.051)0.024  
 APACHE-II1.074 (1.005–1.146)0.034  
 WBC1.091 (1.002–1.188)0.045  
 Cr1.002 (1.000–1.004)0.013  
The abundance of specific taxa of the first sample (z-score)
Christensenellaceae1.429 (1.080–1.892)0.0131.545* (1.163–2.053)0.003
Erysipelotrichaceae1.398 (1.029–1.900)0.0321.493* (1.094–2.038)0.012
  1. *Adjusted for age, APACHE-II, white blood cell count and serum creatinine
  2. HR hazard ratio, aHR adjusted hazard ratio, 95%CI 95% confidence interval, SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, APACHE-II Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation-II, WBC white blood cell count, Cr creatinine