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Table 2  Advantages and disadvantages of most common configurations of membrane lungs for CO2 retention applications

From: Physiological and Technical Considerations of Extracorporeal CO2 Removal

  Stacked Wound
Advantages −Low pressure drop through higher permeability in flow direction
−Unidirectional flow
−Increased convectional gas transfer through cross-layered fiber arrangement
−Countercurrent flow possible
Disadvantages −Inhomogeneous wash out of the corners and higher risk of thrombus formation
−Allows only crosscurrent flow
−Prone to clogging through washed in debris due to its smaller cross-sectional area
−Mostly long fibers and long flow path
Examples −iLA (Novalung, Germany)
−Quadrox series (Maquet, Germany)
−Hilite product line (Medos Medizintechnik AG, Germany)
−CAPIOX oxygenator (Terumo, Japan)