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Table 2 (abstract P182). The differences among estimated P_max.LV (x_max.LV, y_max.LV) using posteroanterior chest radiography, those of the reference P_max.LV measured on CT, and the three points along the lower sternal half with (top) at its top, (middle) at its middle and (bottom) representing the sites of chest compression recommended by the current CPR guidelines

From: 39th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

Distance from the reference coordinate/point to (m Validation (n=123) p Total (n=360)
x_max.LV (estimated) 1±13 N/A 0±12
y_max.LV (estimated) 1±19 N/A 0±18
P_max.LV (estimated) 20±11 N/A 19±11
P_max.LV (averaged) 19±11 0.13 19±11
P_guideline (top) 67±13 <0.001 67±13
P_guideline (middle 56±11 <0.001 56±10
P_guideline (bottom) 76±18 <0.001 77±17