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Table 6 Direct and Indirect effects of autoimmune disease on 30-day mortality, mediated through immunomodulation medication use

From: The association between autoimmune disease and 30-day mortality among sepsis ICU patients: a cohort study

Mediation analysis of the effect of autoimmune disease on 30-day mortality Sepsis cohort Septic shock cohort
OR (95% CI) P-value OR (95% CI) P value
All potential confounders adjusteda
 Indirect effect 1.07 (1.01–1.13) 0.020 1.06 (0.99–1.13) 0.112
 Direct effect 0.78 (0.61–0.98) 0.004 0.75 (0.57–0.98) 0.037
SOFA adjusted
 Indirect effect 1.06 (1.00–1.11) 0.033 1.04 (0.99–1.12) 0.130
 Direct effect 0.75 (0.60–0.93) 0.011 0.69 (0.53–0.90) 0.006
  1. Sepsis cohort—ICU patients with sepsis defined with Martin criteria. Septic shock cohort—ICU patients with sepsis defined by Martin criteria and three consecutive mean arterial blood pressure readings below 65 mmHg in a 30-min period or at least one dose of vasopressors during the ICU stay
  2. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, DMARD disease-modifying antirheumatic drug
  3. aOR adjusted for age, sex, race, SOFA score at ICU admission, Elixhauser comorbidity index, pre-admission chronic DMARD or prednisone use, ICU care unit, documented bacteremia, and infection site