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Table 2 Abbreviations used for extracorporeal life support central cannulations for cardiac and/or gas exchange supporta

From: The ELSO Maastricht Treaty for ECLS Nomenclature: abbreviations for cannulation configuration in extracorporeal life support - a position paper of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization

Anatomical primary (not indexed) Abbreviation Comment
Cannula placed in right atrium RA  
Cannula placed in right ventricle RV  
Cannula placed in pulmonary artery PA Direct cannulation
Cannula placed in left atrium LA  
Cannula placed in left ventricle LV  
Cannula placed in ascending aorta AO  
Cannula placed in the innominate artery IA Chimney graft may be assumed
Atrial venting vntal vntar Atrial drainage catheter (l, left; r, right)
Left chamber/ventricular vent vntc Left chamber/ventricle drainage catheter
Left atrium vent vntts Trans-septal left atrium drainage catheter
Pumpless driven extracorporeal flow pl “pl” placed first in abbreviation
Transvalvular left ventricular support TVLS Transvalvular axial pump
Transvalvular right ventricular support TVRS Transvalvular axial pump
Left ventricular assist device LVAD If a membrane lung is put into the circuit: oxyLVAD
Right ventricular assist device RVAD If a membrane lung is put into the circuit: oxyRVAD
Intra-aortic balloon pump IABP  
  1. aSystems may be pump-driven or pumpless