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Table 1 Nomenclature for configuration of peripheral cannulation in extracorporeal life support

From: The ELSO Maastricht Treaty for ECLS Nomenclature: abbreviations for cannulation configuration in extracorporeal life support - a position paper of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization

Flow direction, from ➔ ML➔ to V-V, VV-V V-V V-A, VV-A V-VA V-VA V-AV A-V
Configuration Single-lumen cannulae Dual-lumen cannula Single-lumen cannulae Single-lumen cannulae from V-V Dual-lumen cannula from V-V Single-lumen cannulae from V-A Single-lumen cannulae
Level 1: Hierarchy Upper case = major flow cannula Lower case = minor flow cannula Vcep-V (dl)V-V, (ca)V-V, (bc)Vcep-V V-Ad, (dl)VV-Ad Vv-VAd (dl)V-VA V-AdV (pl)A-V
Level 2: Cannulation site Indexed Vf-Vj (dl)Vf-V, (ca)Vjcep-V Vj-Af, VjVf-Afd, Vj-Acar Vf-VjAf (bc)Vj-VAfd Vj-AfVf (pl)Afl-Vfr
Level 3: Tip position Indexed Vivc-Va, Vjacep-Vf Vfsvc-Vf Vja-Aflidpvntal, Vja-Asrg, Vj-Ai Vf-VfivcAf, Vf-VjAi (ca)Vj-VAslc Vjavc-AfrdpVfr (pl)Afri-Vfli
Level 4: Cannula dimension OD/L, L is never given unless OD first V21/50-V17, V21f-V17fivc V23/25a-V17f (dl31)V-V, (ca32)Vjcep-V V25/25-A17/18, V29fa-Afdt V25flsvc-Afl19dp V25/38j-Vf A19/18fdt (dl23)V-VAf V25/25java-A21frdpV17/50fr (pl)A15/17fr-V15fl
  1. Abbreviations: (−), membrane lung, bc bi-caval dual-lumen cannula, ca cavo-atrial dual-lumen cannula, dl dual-lumen cannula, ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ECCO2R extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal, VA V-A venoarterial, VV V-V venovenous, VVA venovenoarterial
  2. Level 1: A, arterial; cep, cephalad drainage; d, distal perfusion of cannulated leg; P, pulmonary artery; pl, pumpless; V, venous; vnt, cardiac venting
  3. Level 2: car, carotid; f, femoral; g, chimney graft; j, jugular; l, left; r, right; s, subclavian
  4. Level 3: a, atrium (Va, “a” index for venous cannula tip in right atrium; vntal, “al”, (“ar”) index for venting catheter in left (right) atrium); c, left cardiac ventricle (vntc, “c” index for venting catheter position); i, iliac vein/lower inferior vena cava, or iliac artery; ivc, hepatic vein level in inferior vena cava; l, left; p, pedal (ankle), (dp, “p” indicate distal (pedal) retrograde perfusion at ankle of cannulated leg); r, right; svc, superior vena cava; t, thigh (groin), (dt, “t” denotes distal perfusion with cannula placed in femoral cannulation site)
  5. Level 4: L, cannula length in centimeters; OD, cannula outer diameter in French (1 Fr = 1/3 mm)