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Table 4 Gene Ontology analysis on common differentially expressed genes between responder and non-responder patients

From: Identification of a transcriptome profile associated with improvement of organ function in septic shock patients after early supportive therapy

GO groups Group-adjusted P value GO ID GO term Number of genes Leading GO term Term-adjusted P value
Group 00 6.44E-05 GO:0050663 Cytokine secretion 22 x 1.11E-02
Group 01 7.17E-05 GO:0051248 Negative regulation of protein metabolic process 73 x 1.64E-02
Group 02 3.01E-06 GO:0002576 Platelet degranulation 19 x 4.18E-04
Group 03 6.65E-05 GO:0030168 Platelet activation 18 x 4.55E-02
Group 04 7.64E-05 GO:0002237 Response to molecule of bacterial origin 30   2.62E-02
Group 04 7.64E-05 GO:0071219 Cellular response to molecule of bacterial origin 23 x 5.42E-04
Group 05 5.59E-08 GO:0009967 Positive regulation of signal transduction 95 x 4.14E-04
Group 05 5.59E-08 GO:1902531 Regulation of intracellular signal transduction 107   2.07E-03
Group 06 1.39E-25 GO:0006887 Exocytosis 106   7.79E-24
Group 06 1.39E-25 GO:0042119 Neutrophil activation 78   7.11E-23
Group 06 1.39E-25 GO:0045055 Regulated exocytosis 102 x 5.45E-26
Group 06 1.39E-25 GO:0043299 Leukocyte degranulation 81   1.03E-22
Group 06 1.39E-25 GO:0043312 Neutrophil degranulation 77   1.32E-22
Group 07 1.64E-06 GO:0002253 Activation of immune response 54   3.68E-04
Group 07 1.64E-06 GO:0031349 Positive regulation of defense response 37   2.91E-03
Group 07 1.64E-06 GO:0002757 Immune response-activating signal transduction 47   5.24E-03
Group 07 1.64E-06 GO:0045088 Regulation of innate immune response 39 x 8.43E-05
Group 07 1.64E-06 GO:0045089 Positive regulation of innate immune response 31   3.38E-03
Group 07 1.64E-06 GO:0002218 Activation of innate immune response 28   4.86E-03
  1. Gene Ontology (GO) analysis was performed on 752 differentially expressed genes identified between time point 1 (T1) and T2 in both responders and non-responders. Each line reports a significantly enriched GO term with its adjusted P value, the number of genes included and the GO group to which they belong