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Table 4 Numbers of psychiatric assessments performed for criterion validity – correcting for verification bias

From: Validation of the SOS-PD scale for assessment of pediatric delirium: a multicenter study

  Psychiatrist: delirium + Psychiatrist: delirium - No evaluation Total
PD scale ≥ 4 41 13 3 57
PD scale < 4 1 113 314 428
Total 42 126 317 485
  1. Based on correction for verification bias, only the first psychiatric assessment and the corresponding pediatric delirium (PD)-assessment were evaluated; 42 patients were diagnosed with delirium. In comparison to Table 3, the first psychiatric assessment in 7 patients was performed in the framework of random assessment and they were not diagnosed as delirious. During the pediatric ICU admission a second psychiatric assessment was performed in the case of suspected delirium. These assessments were excluded in the analysis for correcting for verification bias