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Fig. 5

From: Dorsal recruitment with flow-controlled expiration (FLEX): an experimental study in mechanically ventilated lung-healthy and lung-injured pigs

Fig. 5

Regional ventilation delay for the injured lung under volume-controlled ventilation (VCV) (a), flow-controlled expiration (FLEX) ventilation (b) and second VCV period (c). Colder (blueish) colors represent lung areas that participate early in the ventilation, warmer (reddish) colors are areas with a delay in inspiration starting time. A delay in dorsal areas under VCV is visible and most likely related to the location of the lung damage. This delay is nearly compensated when FLEX ventilation is used. Thus, the originally present delayed areas participate faster under usage of FLEX ventilation, illustrating recruiting effects of FLEX in mainly dorsal areas. The beneficial effects of FLEX prevail during the second VCV period

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