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Table 1 Reasons why sepsis care in high-resource settings may not be comparably effective in low-resource settings

From: The global burden of sepsis: barriers and potential solutions

Populations at risk
 • Poor access to preventive health care
 • Unidentified and inadequately controlled comorbidities
 • HIV
 • Malnutrition
 • Genetic features of immune response
Infecting pathogens
 • Parasitic, viral, and mycobacterial infections
 • Antimicrobial resistance
 • Health care-associated infection
Clinical circumstances
 • Limited critical care capacity
 • Inadequate human resources
 • Lack of large, high-quality, prospective sepsis studies in LMICs
 • Insufficient implementation science research
  1. HIV human immunodeficiency virus, LMIC low and middle-income country