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Table 5 Gaps in knowledge and the potential usefulness of future research in this area

From: Women in Intensive Care study: a preliminary assessment of international data on female representation in the ICU physician workforce, leadership and academic positions

Gap in data Significance
Precise estimates of female representation in CCM trainee and specialist workforce worldwide
Age distribution of the male and female workforce
Time taken to complete CCM training
Proportion of women having to undertake part-time or deferred training
Drop-out rates from CCM training
Proportion of women undertaking fractional appointments in intensive care as a specialist
Facilitate planning for workforce and gender diversity
Major differences in age distribution, may point to factors such as family/home commitments which are predominantly borne by women
Prolonged training times for women may be an indicator of women having to undertake part-time training owing to other commitments
Will enable training bodies to introduce flexible training options
May be an indicator of competing family and domestic responsibilities and lack of roster-friendliness, provide alternative rostering options