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Table 3 Proportion of women on the council or board of national intensive care societies from different parts of the world

From: Women in Intensive Care study: a preliminary assessment of international data on female representation in the ICU physician workforce, leadership and academic positions

Society Proportion of women in the council or board in 2017 (%)
North America
 SCCM ( 50
 Canadian Critical Care Society ( 36
South America
 Brazil ( 40
 ESICM [40] 8
 Chinese Society of Critical Care Medicine (Standing Committee of the 4th Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Critical Illness Branch) [41] 18
 Sri Lankan Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine ( 21
 Critical Care Society of South Africa ( 29
 ANZICS ( 14
World Federation
  1. ANZICS Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, ESICM European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, SCCM Society of Critical Care Medicine, WFSICCM World Federation Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine