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Table 2 Presidency of various international societies and bodies in intensive care

From: Women in Intensive Care study: a preliminary assessment of international data on female representation in the ICU physician workforce, leadership and academic positions

Society Number (%) of female presidents 2000–2017
ESICMa 0/9 (0%)
SCCM ( 7/17 (41%)
ANZICS ( 1/9 (11%)
WFSICCM 1/5 (20%)
CICM of Australia and New Zealandb ( 0/5 (0%)
  1. ANZICS Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, CICM College of intensive Care Medicine, ESICM European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, SCCM Society of Critical Care Medicine, WFSICCM World Federation Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine
  2. aPersonal correspondence with Prof. Andrew Rhodes, past president of ESICM
  3. b Data for CICM only from 2010, the date of inception of the college