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Table 2 Patients included in this study

From: Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta performed by emergency physicians for traumatic hemorrhagic shock: a case series from Japanese emergency rooms

Age Sex Trauma site Outcome at discharge
65 M Liver injury Died
38 M Liver injury, hemothorax Died
71 M Cardiac injury Died
32 F Pelvic fracture, lung contusion, TBI Survived
53 M Pelvic fracture Died
40 M Thoracic aortic injury Died
56 M Mesenteric injury Survived
20 M Liver injury, kidney injury Survived
17 M Hemothorax, retroperitoneal hemorrhage Died
62 M Pelvic fracture Died
74 M Pelvic fracture Died
66 M Pelvic fracture, TBI Died
86 M Pelvic fracture Survived
56 F Liver injury Died
45 M Pelvic fracture Died
64 F Thoracic aortic injury Died
22 M Lung contusion, TBI Died
30 M Pelvic fracture Survived
47 M Mesenteric injury Survived
50 F Abdominal aortic injury, mesenteric injury Survived
58 F Pelvic injury Survived
39 M Liver injury, splenic injury Survived
18 F Liver injury, kidney injury Survived
56 F Liver injury, pelvic fracture Died
  1. F female, M male, TBI traumatic brain injury