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Table 3 Post-ICU/postoperative targeted rehabilitation nutrition program (PEW’s daily program)

From: Tailoring nutrition therapy to illness and recovery

Exercise Run and weight train 5 days/week
Nutrition 4000–5000 kcal/day
 Calories 2 g/kg/day
 Protein (whey, eggs) (~ 2.0 g/kg body weight)
 Branch chain amino acids 10 g/night
 HMB 3 g/day
 Vitamin D 2000 IU/day
 Fish oil 2 g/day
l-Carnitine Daily
 Stress B multivitamin complex Daily
 Alpha lipoic acid 600 mg BID
 DHEA 100 mg/BID
 β-alanine 4–5 g/day
 Creatine 5 g/day first 6–12 months post ICU (or longer for potential benefits on cognition and muscle strength)
 Glutamine 10 g BID first 3–6 months post ICU
  1. Note: This is the author’s personal recovery program developed over 30 years of personal experience with illness, surgery, and ICU recovery. It is not suggested that this program is ideal for all recovering individuals. It is only meant as a suggestion to consider in recovery. Readers are encouraged to email the author ( with specific questions and evidence for particular elements of the program
  2. BID twice daily, HMB β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate