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Table 1 Characteristics of the 12 included studies

From: Video laryngoscopy does not improve the intubation outcomes in emergency and critical patients – a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

First author, year [reference] Design Settings No. of patients Participants Difficult airways included Devices Operators (experience) RSI NMBAs
Arima et al., 2014 [26] Quasi-RCT Prehospital 109 Age ≥ 18 years No Airway Scope vs. DL Physicians (experienced) None None
Driver et al., 2016 [42] RCT ED 198 Adult patients No C-MAC vs. DL Senior ED residents (most experienced) Most Most
Goksu et al., 2016 [27] RCT ED 150 Age ≥ 16 years No C-MAC vs. DL ED residents and attending physicians (most inexperienced) All Alla
Griesdale et al., 2012 [23] RCT ICU 40 Age ≥ 16 years without cardiac arrest Yes GlideScope vs. DL Novice providers (inexperienced) All All
Janz et al., 2016 [28] RCT ICU 150 Age ≥ 18 years No McGrath MAC (98.6%), GlideScope (1.4%) vs. DL Trained pulmonary and critical care medicine fellows (inexperienced) All Most
Kim et al., 2016 [29] RCT ED 140 Adult patients with CPR No GlideScope vs. DL Experienced intubators (>50 successful TIs) None None
Lascarrou et al., 2017 [30] RCT ICU 371 Adult patients without CPR Yes McGrath MAC vs. DL 311 inexperienced (84.8%) and 60 experienced intubators (most inexperienced) All All
Silverberg et al., 2015 [24] Quasi-RCT ICU 117 SpO2 < 92% after mask ventilation excluded Yes GlideScope vs. DL Trained pulmonary and critical care medicine fellows (inexperienced) As needed None
Sulser et al., 2016 [31] RCT ED 150 Adult patients without CPR No C-MAC vs. DL Anesthesia consultants (experienced) As needed All
Trimmel et al., 2011 [41] RCT Prehospital 212 Adult patients No Airtraq vs. DL Anesthesiologists or EMS physicians (experienced) As needed As needed
Trimmel et al., 2016 [32] RCT Prehospital 326 Adult patients No GlideScope vs. DL EMS physicians (experienced) As needed As needed
Yeatts et al., 2013 [25] RCT ED 623 CPR patients excluded No GlideScope vs. DL ED or anesthesiology residents (experienced) All All
  1. Abbreviations: RSI Rapid sequence induction, NMBAs Neuromuscular blockades, RCT Randomized controlled trial, ED Emergency department, ICU Intensive care unit, CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, DL Direct laryngoscopy, TI Tracheal intubation, EMS Emergency medical service, SpO 2 Oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry
  2. aThe author was contacted to confirm this issue