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Table 1 Summary of pharmacologic and surgical interventions

From: Association between kidney intracapsular pressure and ultrasound elastography

Intervention Dose Rationale Expected change in KIP
Baseline   Reference
Perfusion with normal saline 30 mL/kg Kidney congestion
Vasopressin infusion 0.05 U/min Kidney vasoconstriction
Norepinephrine infusion 0.1 mcg/kg per min Kidney vasoconstriction
Dopamine infusion 2 mcg/kg per min Kidney vasodilation
Fenoldopam infusion 0.1 mcg/kg per min Kidney vasodilation
PDa fluid installation 2 L Intra-abdominal HTN
Ureter occlusion   Obstruction
Renal vein occlusion   Kidney congestion
Renal artery occlusion   Kidney ischemia
  1. Abbreviations: HTN hypertension, KIP kidney intracapsular pressure, PD peritoneal dialysis
  2. aPD0 is immediately after installation of PD fluid in the abdominal cavity; PD1 and PD2 are measurements recorded after 30 and 60 minutes, respectively, of PD fluid installation in the abdominal cavity