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Table 3 Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic target attainment for all patients not receiving continuous renal replacement therapy and stratified by renal function

From: Role of renal function in risk assessment of target non-attainment after standard dosing of meropenem in critically ill patients: a prospective observational study

  1. Abbreviations: CLCR CG Creatinine clearance estimated according to Cockcroft and Gault equation [34], CRRT Continuous renal replacement therapy, C X Concentration at specific time point X of concentration-time profile, I/R Intermediate/resistant, PK/PD Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic, RF Renal function, RI Renal impairment, S/I Susceptible/intermediate
  2. 1Patients were assigned to a renal function class on the basis of their median individual CLCRCG at the time of C4h or C8h determination