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Table 4 UPMC scoring system for Clostridium difficile severity

From: Sleeping with the enemy: Clostridium difficile infection in the intensive care unit

Criterion Points
Low albumin 1
Fever 1
Admission to ICU 1
Chronic medical condition 1
Pancolitis, ascites, and/or bowel wall thickening in CT scan 2
Elevated white blood cell count 2
Increased creatinine 2
Clinical signs of peritonitis 3
Hypotension requiring vasopressors 5
Respiratory failure due to C. difficile 5
Mental alterations 5
  1. Total: 1–3, mild to moderate disease; 4–6, severe disease; 7 or more, severe complicated disease; 15 or more, high probability (75%) of treatment failure and need for surgery (Adopted from [60])
  2. UPMC University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, CT Computed Tomography