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Table 2 Synoptic overview of suggested markers to predict disease severity in CDI

From: Sleeping with the enemy: Clostridium difficile infection in the intensive care unit

Prediction markers
 Declining renal function [14]  Treatment with systemic antibiotics [13]  Age [12,13,14, 79]  White blood cell count [13, 79]  Albumin [79]  Steroid therapy [79]  Admission due to diarrhea [12]  Recent abdominal surgery [12]  Hypotension [12]  Diagnosis of CDI in the ICU [12]  Gender  Immunodeficiency  Readmission with recurring infection  Transfer to ICU because of CDI  Emergency surgery  Ribotype O27  Lactoferrin, fecal calprotectin
No predictive value
 Fever [79]  Hemoglobin [79]  Intensity [79]  Comorbidity (diabetes, cancer) [79]
  1. CDI Clostridium difficile infection, ICU intensive care unit