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Fig. 2

From: Protein S100 as outcome predictor after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and targeted temperature management at 33 °C and 36 °C

Fig. 2

S100 time course. Box plots of S100 over the first 72 h after return of spontaneous circulation. Data are presented as median, quartile 1, quartile 3, and lower fence (i.e., lowest value above [quartile 1–1.5 {quartile3 − quartile1}]) and upper fence (i.e., greater value below [quartile 3 + 1.5 {quartile3 − quartile1}]). A statistical difference was found only for S100 values of patients with good outcomes, with higher values in the 33 °C group and between good and poor outcome groups. * p < 0.05. CPC Cerebral Performance Categories Scale

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