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Fig. 4

From: Point-of-care testing for emergency assessment of coagulation in patients treated with direct oral anticoagulants

Fig. 4

Scatter plot of rivaroxaban concentrations (green area: <30 ng/mL) and activated clotting time (ACT+) POCT illustrating the diagnostic accuracy of POCT results. Green diamonds represent samples below the safe-for-treatment threshold that are correctly identified as eligible for immediate treatment (true positive). Blue crosses represent samples that are not detected although containing concentrations below the safe-for-treatment threshold (false negative). These can potentially still receive delayed treatment if slower laboratory-based DOAC-specific tests are available. Green crosses represent samples above the POCT cut-off correctly identified as not eligible for treatment (true negative). Red diamonds represent the few samples incorrectly identified as eligible for treatment despite concentrations above the safe-for-treatment threshold (false positive)

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