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Table 1 Key components of implementing nurse-led sepsis protocols

From: Promoting early identification of sepsis in hospitalized patients with nurse-led protocols

■ Use the international sepsis guidelines as a performance improvement initiative to identify gaps in care and specific areas for improvement. For example, track data related to sepsis care, including:
Time to blood cultures
Time to antibiotics
Time to lactate levels
Time to fluid bolus goals
Compliance with all elements of the 3-h bundle
Compliance with all elements of the 6-h bundle
■ Enlist administrative and physician stakeholder support to develop and pilot a nurse led sepsis protocol initiative
■ Provide a unit-, hospital-, and system-wide educational campaign that considers the varying level of nursing training and experience
■ Enlist nurse champions to spearhead the nurse-led protocol
■ Conduct ongoing data review and provide results to nursing staff and key stakeholders
■ Further refine processes based on ongoing audit data and feedback
  1. Adapted from Kleinpell et al. [12]