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Table 5 Association between different AF status and in-hospital mortality

From: Prognostic impact of restored sinus rhythm in patients with sepsis and new-onset atrial fibrillation

Model OR 95% CI of OR P value
Model 1a
 NeOAF to SR vs. no NeOAF 1.66 1.04–2.66 0.03
 NeOAF to AF vs. no NeOAF 7.48 4.26–13.14 <0.01
 NeOAF to AF vs. NeOAF to SR 4.50 2.52–8.04 <0.01
Model 2b
 NeOAF to SR vs. no NeOAF 1.49 0.79–2.83 0.22
 NeOAF to AF vs. no NeOAF 3.31 1.54–7.13 <0.01
 NeOAF to AF vs. NeOAF to SR 2.22 1.02–4.83 0.045
  1. NeOAF new-onset atrial fibrillation, AF atrial fibrillation, SR sinus rhythm, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval. aUnadjusted model. bAdjusted for age, coronary artery disease, left ventricular ejection fraction, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score, neurologic failure, circulatory failure, hepatic failure, renal failure, dopamine use, and norepinephrine use