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Table 5 Qualitative themes of social health and ability to participate in social roles and activities

From: Patient outcomes after critical illness: a systematic review of qualitative studies following hospital discharge

Theme Example quote(s)
Social roles, activities, or relationships
Changes in friends or family relationships 1. “I’m happy being back home, but I feel that my kids do not need me anymore. They use to take my opinion in every aspect of their lives, I can’t find this anymore. Now they consult their mother, and act as if I’m still in hospital.”
2. “… since the accident I don’t socialize as much as I used to … If you go out with friends you know, two years down the line, they don’t want to be talking about your illness.”
Ability to participate in social roles and activities
Hobbies “It was important for me to get back to a normal life, to paint or put up wallpaper or other stuff like that …”
Disability “I was a mechanic … I can’t do it now. I’m not allowed to drive a car or get on a plane, they won’t let me do anything.”