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Table 2 Risk of bias within included studies assessed using the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale

From: Stress hyperglycaemia in critically ill patients and the subsequent risk of diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First author, year [reference] Selection (maximum score 4) Comparability of cohorts (maximum score 2) Outcome (maximum score 3) Total score, risk of bias
Representativeness of the exposed cohort Selection of non-exposed cohort Ascertainment of exposure Demonstration that outcome of interest was not present at start of study Assessment of outcome Duration of follow-up Adequacy of follow-up
Gornik, 2010 [21] 7, medium risk of bias
Gornik, 2010 [22] 6, medium risk of bias
McAllister, 2014 [23] 6, medium risk of bias
Van Ackerbroeck, 2015 [24] 6, medium risk of bias