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Table 1 Breath classification strategy

From: Automatic detection of ventilatory modes during invasive mechanical ventilation

  Breath characteristics
TI Flow Flow Slp PAW PAW lev Volume P300
Type1 V V V V 1 V No
Type2 C C C V 2 C No
Type3 C V C V 2 C No
Type4 C V V C 2 V No
Type5 V V V C 2 V No
Type6 V V V V 2 V Yes
Type7 V V V V 2 V No
  1. Abbreviations: TI inspiratory time, Flow inspiratory flow, Flow Slp inspiratory flow slope, P AW peek airway pressure, P AW lev number of PAW levels, Volume tidal volume, P 300 300 msec pause between inspiratory an expiratory time, C constant, V variable