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Table 2 Studies with multivariate analyses for mortality

From: Increased body mass index and adjusted mortality in ICU patients with sepsis or septic shock: a systematic review and meta-analysis

       Baseline study characteristics
Author (Y) (Total patients) BMI studied (kg/m2) Non-survivor/total BMI Age Gender Comorbid illnesses Severity of acute illness Other
Studies of sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock
Sakr [31] (2008) (n = 431) Underweight (<18.5) NR/17c NR NR NR NR SAPS II NR
Normal (18.5–24.9) NR/179c
Overweight (25–29.9) NR/148c
Obese (30–39.9) NR/76c
Very obese (>40) NR/11c
Wurzinger [15] (2010) (n = 301) Underweight (<18.5) 3/15 Yesd Yes Yes COPD, HTN, DM, CRI, HO, heart disease SAPS IId Admission year, origin of sepsis
Normal (18.5–24.9) 28/125
Overweight (25–29.9) 15/95
Obese (30–39.9) 4/66
Adamzik [32] (2011) (n = 125) Continuous BMIa NR Yes Yes Yes Hemofiltration/dialysis SAPS II, SOFA score IL-6d, aquaporin 5 genotyped, CRP, serum aldosterone, plasma angiotensin II, procalcitonin
Arabi [17] (2013) (n = 2882) Underweight (<18.5)b 121/196 Yes Yes Yes ID, HF, COPD, DM, Elective surgery APACHE II Type and source of bacterial infection, type of sepsis interventions
Normal (18.5–24.9) 580/1020
Overweight (25–29.9)b 444/816
Obese (30–39.9) 349/680
Morbidly obese (>40) 76/170
Wacharasint [16] (2013) (n = 730) Continuous BMIa NR Yesd NR Yes DM APACHE IId Lung infection, fungal infection
Sakr [33] (2015) (n = 2696) Underweight (<18.5) NR Yes Yes Yes Comorbiditiese SAPS II, SOFA score Type and source of admission, need for mechanical ventilation or renal replacement therapy at ICU admission, type of hospital, ICU specialty, total number of ICU patients in 2011, number of staffed ICU beds, gross national income of country
Normal (18.5–24.9) NR
Overweight (25–29.9) NR
Obese (30–39.9) NR
Very obese (>40) NR
  1. BMI body mass index, NR not reported, SAPS Simplified Acute Physiology Score, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, HTN arterial hypertension, DM diabetes mellitus, CRI chronic renal insufficiency, HO hematologic/oncologic disease, SOFA Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment score, IL-6 interleukin-6, CRP C-reactive protein, ID immunodeficiency, HF heart failure, cancer, heart disease, APACHE Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation, ICU intensive care unit
  2. aContinuous BMI: regression model used with body mass index as a continuous variable
  3. bAdjusted odds ratio for mortality not provided by study for this BMI category
  4. cNumerator not reported
  5. dIndependently associated with mortality in multivariate analysis
  6. eComorbidities not listed in multivariate analysis