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Table 1 Summary guidance for antifungal dosing in different critically ill patient subpopulations

From: Diagnosis and management of invasive candidiasis in the ICU: an updated approach to an old enemy

Amphotericin Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Fluconazole Increase Decrease Increase ? Unchanged
Voriconazole TDM TDM TDM TDM
Itraconazole TDM TDM TDM TDM
Posaconazole TDM TDM TDM TDM
Caspofungin Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Decrease
Micafungin Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Anidulafungin Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Flucytosine TDM TDM TDM TDM
  1. AKI acute kidney injury, ALF acute liver failure, ARC augmented renal clearance, RRT renal replacement therapy, TDM therapeutic drug monitoring