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Table 6 Outcomes of critically ill patients with H1N1pdm09 using various adjustment methodologies

From: The influence of corticosteroid treatment on the outcome of influenza A(H1N1pdm09)-related critical illness

Analysis Odds ratio (95 % confidence interval) p Value
Crude unadjusted analysis 1.82 (1.21–2.74) 0.004
Multivariate logistic regression analysis 1.85 (1.12–3.04) 0.02
Multivariate logistic regression analysis adjusted for propensity score to receive corticosteroids 1.71 (1.05–2.78) 0.03
Treatment groups matched on propensity to receive corticosteroids 1.52 (0.90–2.58) 0.12
Marginal structural model adjusting for baseline and time-dependent between-group differences over the first week of ICU admission until discharge or death 0.96 (0.28–3.28) 0.95
  1. ICU intensive care unit