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Table 2 Demographic details for Australian cohort with cardiothoracic surgery diagnosis and other diagnoses and Scottish cohort

From: Early mobilisation in intensive care units in Australia and Scotland: a prospective, observational cohort study examining mobilisation practises and barriers

  Australia Scotland
Diagnostic group Cardiothoracic surgery All other All other
Number of patients 286 347 167
Sex (% male) 72.7a 61.1 58.2
Age, yr, mean (SD) 64.7a 55.9 (18.1) 55.6 (17.0)
APACHE II score, mean (SD) 14.8a 18.4 (8.3) 18.2 (7.2)
LOS ICU, days median (IQR) 1.1 (0.92–2.2)a 3.0 (1.3–6.1) 3.7 (1.9–7.9)b
LOS hospital, days, median (IQR) 9.9 (6.9–14.9)a 12.8 (6.5–22.0) 15.0 (6.0–29.0)
  1. Abbreviations: APACHE II Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II; ICU intensive care unit, IQR interquartile range, LOS length of stay, SD standard deviation
  2. aStatistically significant difference between the Australia Cardiothoracic surgery and Australia All other category
  3. bStatistically significant difference between the Australia All other category and the Scotland All other category