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Table 3 Recommendations from ICU physicians and ICU nurses

From: A comprehensive method to develop a checklist to increase safety of intra-hospital transport of critically ill patients

Team Ventilated patient at least one ICU physician and one ICU nurse
Not ventilated patient and:
o ≤ 1 inotropic, one ICU nurse
o ≤ 1 inotropic, respiratory insufficient and arrhythmia, one ICU physician and one ICU nurse
Education Focus on how to operate equipment of transport trolley
More education for ICU physicians and ICU nurses to execute transport of ICU patients
Equipment and materials Equipment on trolley is equal to equipment in the ICU
Check equipment and materials prior to transport
Check extra length of intravenous lines for magnetic resonance imaging prior to transport
Check and calculate oxygen level in oxygen tank
Defibrillator is standard equipment on transport trolley
Check all equipment on transport trolley
Batteries are fully charged prior to transport
Organization and procedure Introduction of an intra-hospital checklist
Formal training in transport procedure to MRI
Standard Operating Procedure
Standardization of IHT procedure
Communication Confirm appointment with the other department prior to transport
Improve communication with the other department to prevent incidents during transport
Debriefing with ICU physician and ICU nurse after transport
Medication Check and prepare intravenous medication prior to transport
Extra intravenous medication and intravenous fluids
  1. Recommendations suggested by ICU physicians and ICU nurses when they were interviewed to discuss safety and hazards of IHT and the findings from the literature and the collected incidents.