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Table 2 RESP score parameters [10]

From: External validation of scores proposed for estimation of survival probability of patients with severe adult respiratory distress syndrome undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy: a retrospective study

Parameter Score
Age (years)  
  18-49 0
  50-59 −2
  ≥60 −3
Immunocompromised statusa −2
Mechanical ventilation prior to initiation of ECMO  
  <48 hours 3
  48 hours to 7 days 1
  >7 days 0
Acute respiratory diagnosis group (select only one)  
  Viral pneumonia 3
  Bacterial pneumonia 3
  Asthma 11
  Trauma and burn 3
  Aspiration pneumonitis 5
  Other acute respiratory diagnoses 1
  Nonrespiratory and chronic respiratory diagnoses 0
Central nervous system dysfunctionb −7
Acute associated (nonpulmonary) infectionc −3
Neuromuscular blockade agents before ECMO 1
Nitric oxide use before ECMO −1
Bicarbonate infusion before ECMO −2
Cardiac arrest before ECMO −2
PaCO2 (mmHg)  
  <75 0
  ≥75 −1
Peak inspiratory pressure (cmH2O)  
  <42 0
  ≥42 −1
Total score −22 to 15
  1. aImmunocompromised is defined as hematological malignancies, solid tumor, solid organ transplantation, human immunodeficiency virus, and/or cirrhosis. bCentral nervous system dysfunction diagnosis combined neurotrauma, stroke, encephalopathy, cerebral embolism, and seizure and epileptic syndrome. cAcute associated (nonpulmonary) infection is defined as another bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal infection that did not involve the lung. An online calculator is available at [18]. ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; PaCO2, partial pressure of carbon dioxide; RESP, Respiratory ECMO Survival Prediction.