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Table 1 Single-nucleotide polymorphisms identified within the NF-κB family genes

From: Identification of haplotype tag single nucleotide polymorphisms within the nuclear factor-κB family genes and their clinical relevance in patients with major trauma

Gene rs number Location Variation MAF Region
NFKB1 rs28362491 −94 ins/delATTG 0.447 promoter
  rs3774932 1708 G/A 0.489 intron1
  rs4648068 95928 A/G 0.407 intron14
RELA rs7119750 7853 C/T 0.389 intron10
RELB rs4803789 18663 G/T 0.254 intron4
  rs12609547 27303 G/T 0.452 intron7
  rs1560725 39081 C/T 0.467 3′-flanking
REL rs842647 10763 G/A 0.163 intron2
  1. Genetic variation data for the NF-κB family genes was obtained from the HapMap project for 137 members of the Chinese Han Beijing (CHB) population. MAF, minor allele frequency.