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Table 1 Data items collected for the review

From: A systematic review of adult admissions to ICUs related to adverse drug events

• Item
• First authora
• Year of publicationa
• Countrya
• Study designa
• Length of studya
• Study populationa
• Inclusion and exclusion criteriaa
• Definitions of adverse drug events/adverse drug reactions/iatrogenic disease/iatrogenic eventa
• Definition and/or criteria for causality assessment methoda
• Definition of severitya
• Definition of preventabilitya
• Definition of predictabilitya
• Statistical analysesa
• Population characteristicsb
• Incidence of adverse drug eventsb
• Drugs impliedb
• Causality resultsb
• Items required for causality assessment methodsb
• Severity aspectsb
• Predictabilityb
• Clinical features of adverse drug eventsb
• Length of stay in the ICUb
• Costs of hospitalisation in the ICUb