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Table 5 Exploratory multivariate analysis of risk factors of day-90 favorable neurological outcome

From: Effects of tight computerized glucose control on neurological outcome in severely brain injured patients: a multicenter sub-group analysis of the randomized-controlled open-label CGAO-REA study

  Adjusted OR CI95%(OR) P value
Cause of brain injury    0.004
Traumatic brain injury 1   
Neuro-vascular cause (SAH, ICH, malignant stroke) 1.27 (0.46 to 3.54)  
Resuscitated cardiac arrest 3.99 (1.02 to 15.61)  
Other etiologies (brain tumor, central nervous system infection, cerebral vascularitis) 7.92 (2.10 to 29.91)  
Anti-epileptic drugs 2.99 (1.10 to 8.16) 0.03
Number of ventilation-free days 1.11 (1.07 to 1.16) <0.001
  1. Risk factors of day-90 favorable neurological outcome defined as good recovery and moderate disability. Hosmer and Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test P = 0.94. CI95%: 95% confidence interval; ICH: intracerebral hemorrhage; OR: odds ratio; SAH: subarachnoid hemorrhage.