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Table 1 Vital Sign Scoring parameters

From: Risk assessment in the first fifteen minutes: a prospective cohort study of a simple physiological scoring system in the emergency department

   • threatened airway: necessity for intratracheal suctioning, insertion of oro- or nasopharyngeal tubes, intubation, bronchoscopy
   • respiratory rate: respiratory rate <6/minute or >36/minute
   • oxygen saturation: SaO2 <90% despite supplementary oxygen
   • systolic blood pressure: systolic blood pressure <90 mmHg
   • heart rate: heart rate <40/minute or >140/minute
   • GCS: Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score <13
   • seizures: repeated or prolonged (>5 minutes) seizures
  1. Vital Sign Scoring parameters were based on medical emergency team calling criteria, as defined by Buist et al. and Cretikos et al. [12, 23].