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Figure 3

From: Cost and mortality prediction using polymerase chain reaction pathogen detection in sepsis: evidence from three observational trials

Figure 3

Predicted mortality reduction. Predicted mortality reduction if earlier adequate treatment is achieved in 29 of the 73 PCR+ episodes: A: Under adequate treatment, a 27.3% mortality is observed (= 12/(12 + 32)); IA: In the inadequately treated (IA) group, a mortality of 41.4% is observed (= 12/(12 + 17)); A*: A PCR+ based intervention should reduce the mortality in the former IA group according to equation 5 and the reduced relative risk of dying, RR (from [3, 4]). We predict that 5 of the 12 (Table 3) non-survivors might have survived if the PCR+ results were interventionally used. The resulting mortality of 26.0% (= (12 + 7)/73) is comparable to the mortality observed under adequate treatment (A).

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