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Table 2 Association of individual biomarkers with organ dysfunction, adjusted for age, gender, and comorbid burden

From: The association of endothelial cell signaling, severity of illness, and organ dysfunction in sepsis

  Organ dysfunction
(log tranformed SOFA score)
Biomarker Std. beta SE P -value Model adj. r2
sFlt-1 0.39 0.05 < 0.001 0.46
PAI-1 0.29 0.05 < 0.001 0.38
E-selectin 0.20 0.05 < 0.001 0.33
ICAM-1 0.11 0.05 < 0.04 0.29
VCAM-1 0.15 0.05 < 0.003 0.30
  1. Table 2 shows the results from each individual biomarker incorporated into a linear regression model (one marker per model) with outcome SOFA, adjusted for age (years), gender, and co-morbid burden (charlson index). Thus, each line represents its own model: Expected log SOFA = intercept + α (Biomarker) + β(Age) + χ (gender) + δ (Charlson). The biomarkers are standardized [(biomarker - biomarker mean)/SD] so the beta estimates are comparable. Each biomarker showed a statistically significant association with SOFA score. sFlt-1 demonstrates the largest beta estimate which is also supported by an adjusted r-squared in the model of 0.46.