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Table 1 Study exclusions

From: Updating the evidence for the role of corticosteroids in severe sepsis and septic shock: a Bayesian meta-analytic perspective

Study Year published Reason for exclusion
Wagner and colleagues [78] 1955 Description of pneumonia therapy only with no severity stratification. Allocation by 'history number'
Thompson and colleagues [79] 1976 Abstract; nine of 60 patients with cardiogenic shock; no subset analyses. Post-randomization exclusion of 4 patients
Lucas and Ledgerwood [80] 1984 Open-label study; pseudo-randomization by hospital number
VASSCS [81] 1987 Predominantly sepsis patients with no subgroup of shocked patients. No timing of fluid bolus with respect to reported hypotension
Schattner and colleagues [82] 1997 pseudo-randomization of patients with 'early sepsis'
Keh and colleagues [60] 2003 Cross-over placebo study in septic shock
Confalonieri and colleagues [83] 2005 Community acquired pneumonia study; no subset analyses for shocked patients
Rinaldi and colleagues [84] 2006 Post randomization exclusion of 15 patients; 3 with septic shock
Huh and colleagues [85] 2006 Abstract; two hydrocortisone arms; no concurrent placebo arm reported
Loisa and colleagues [86] 2007 Two hydrocortisone arms; no concurrent placebo group
Nawab and colleagues [87] 2007 Abstract; severe community acquired pneumonia, no subset analysis; outcomes today-7 only
Cicarelli and colleagues [88] 2007 Unspecified post-randomization exclusion of 'all patients who progressed to refractory septic shock'
Kurugundla and colleagues [89] 2008 Abstract; ICU outcomes reported only
  1. VASSCS, Veterans Administration Systemic Sepsis Cooperative Study.