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Table 1 Specifications of neuropeptide/protein blood dosages

From: Proven infection-related sepsis induces a differential stress response early after ICU admission

Protein/Peptide Extraction Assay Source Sensitivity Range
Cortisol None ADVIA Centaur system Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, USA. 5.5 to 2069 nMol/L 85 to 618 nMol/L
ACTH None ImmuChemTM 125I RIA kit MP Biomedicals, LLC, Diagnostics Division, Orangeburg, NY, USA. 5.7 pg/mL 0 to 1000 pg/mL
Apelin C-18 SEP-column and lyophilisation Apelin-12 enzyme immunoassay kit Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Inc, Burlingame, California, USA. 0.07 ng/mL 0 to 100 ng/mL
Arg Vasopressin (AVP) Acetone and ether procedure Arg8-Vasopressin enzyme Immunoassay kit Assay Designs, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. 3.39 pg/mL 3.39 to 1,000 pg/mL
Copeptin C-18 SEP-column and lyophilisation Copeptin enzyme immunoassay kit R&D Systems, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 18 pg/mL 0 to 1,000 pg/mL
SDF-1α Centrifuged for complete platelet removal SDF-1α enzyme immunoassay R&D Systems, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 18 pg/mL 0 to 10,000 pg/mL
Procalcitonin (PCT) None Immunoluminometric PCT LIA B.R.A.H.M.S Diag
LLC, Georgia, USA
0.3 ng/mL 0.3 to 500 ng/mL
  1. ACTH, adreno corticotropic hormone. AVP, arginine vasopressin. SDF-1α, stromal-derived factor-1 alpha. PCT, procalcitonin.