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Table 1 Intra-abdominal pressure findings in prone ventilation studies involving animals

From: Clinical review: Intra-abdominal hypertension: does it influence the physiology of prone ventilation?

Study Animals Intervention Abdomen unloading? Mean supine IAP (mmHg) Mean prone IAP (mmHg) Comments
Mure and colleagues [34] 8 pigs Intra-abdominal No 7 (no distension) 8 (no distension) Gas exchange most improved when abdomen distended
   Balloon inflation   24 (distension) 18 (distension)  
Colmenero-Ruiz and colleagues [35] 20 pigs Oleic acid induced Randomized 3.7 (no suspension) 6.5 (no suspension) No gas exchange benefits from suspension
   Acute lung injury   3.4 (suspension) 7.2 (suspension)  
  1. IAP, intra-abdominal pressure.